Elegant Simplicity Executed Flawlessly

Featuring sleek handleless units and a classic u-shaped layout, though this Epping kitchen looks simple at first, a series of subtle details elevate the space, creating something truly special. The two-tone colour scheme cleverly brings a sense of warmth to the room without compromising the bright and fresh modern look. The soft, light grey shade allowed us to introduce plenty of storage to meet our client’s requirements without visually overwhelming the space. Beautiful wall tiles add another subtle pop of colour, perfectly complementing the undertones of the blue and grey hue and establishing a highly personal and charming detail.

Natural wood accents also lend a softness to this minimal handleless design. The chevron floor covering adds to the on-trend feel, while a bespoke oak bookcase built into the end of the run of units makes a characterful and practical touch. Again, representing the pinnacle of elegance and simplicity, graceful glass pendants beautifully highlight the spacious peninsula.

The stylish peninsula makes all the difference to this kitchen layout, offering plenty of additional storage and counter space for preparing food. The structure also helps zone the room, creating a clear dining area perfect for guests and family to sit and chat with their host. State-of-the-art Siemens appliances make a wonderful, practical finishing touch alongside the superb quality Dekton Nayla worktops. This unassuming yet elegant Epping kitchen undeniably delivers bags of character, style and exceptional functional capabilities.