A Refreshing & Vibrant Space To Cook

As part of a broken-plan living area, it was vital that our kitchen design perfectly captured the essence of our client’s Loughton home. Combining light grey cabinetry with wood accents and a stunning feature wall, this bright and inviting space undoubtedly does just that.

The pale grey handleless units at either end of the space help to open up the room, introducing a bright, fresh and airy feel. Demonstrating a flair for sleek and well-balanced Dutch-inspired interiors, our Loughton clients love pairing vintage and modern pieces. We were keen to reflect their eclectic taste in our unique design. Introducing Mereway’s Natural Oak finish to the kitchen island injects fantastic warmth and character to the space, while a modern and vibrant decorative tile accent wall brings a pop of colour and energy to the room. Together these two elements perfectly tie in with the scheme that features throughout our client’s home.

Finding a great practical layout was also key to the success of this interior. Mirroring the cabinetry at either end of the room establishes a sense of visual balance while positioning the hob on the central kitchen island ingeniously maximises our client’s storage and worktop space without hindering the flow of movement into the lounge and dining area. Furthermore, Neff appliances and an 1810 sink and tap bring outstanding functionality to the design.

This sleek bespoke modern interior makes a distinctly stylish and practical solution to our client’s brief. Needless to say, our Loughton clients were undeniably as delighted with their gorgeous new kitchen as we were.