Plush Contemporary Kitchen With Industrial Accents

At the heart of this Enfield kitchen sits a series of magnificent organic textured gloss cabinets. Combining a textural stone surface with a sleek polished finish creates a distinctive and luxurious effect. The sleek marbled Corian worktops continue the beautiful organic pattern. An otherwise monochrome palette emphasises the on-trend sandy colour scheme. The beautiful natural materials and plush finish give the space a chic, feminine feel.

Chrome appliances and black accents contrast dramatically against the luxurious sandy surfaces. A large range cooker and Fisher & Paykel fridge freezers bring a laid back metropolitan quality to the design. Black bar stools and industrial pendant lights also emphasise the neutral palette and plush textures while adding a stylish contemporary touch.

This kitchen isn’t short of impressive practical features. A central island with wide drawers, a pair of fridge freezers and a sleek wall of cabinetry offer ample storage. The spacious range and boiling water tap make cooking and entertaining a doddle. A coffee maker also adds a luxurious touch, perfect for an afternoon treat.

This stylish contemporary kitchen is both unique and on-trend. The clever layout and collection of fantastic appliances offer amazing functionality. Our Enfield clients were absolutely delighted with their new space.