Our Dark Blue Wanstead Kitchen Design Project


The richness and warmth of the dark navy blue hue used in this stunning family shaker kitchen was perfect for our client’s Wanstead home. Our clients were looking to create a stylish, laidback and spacious open-plan kitchen which we’ve undeniably delivered. The vivid blue colour scheme brings a contemporary on-trend feel whilst its warm undertones ensure the space feels vibrant and inviting. Exposed brick slips and casual leather accessories beautifully complement the deep navy blue, setting a luxurious yet informal tone to the room.

One of the main challenges of this space was the lack of natural light, particularly towards the back of the room. We’ve overcome this by utilising carefully considered artificial lighting as well as a bright onyx white Corian worktop which helps to reflect light from the skylight into the kitchen. Plenty of sleek downlights illuminate the whole space while stylish pendants bring an added glow to the kitchen island. Undercabinet strip lights ensure our client can prepare food safely while introducing another layer of brightness to the room. A display cabinet with internal lighting helps to illuminate the darkest part of the kitchen.

Functionality is, of course, key to the success of any kitchen, and to ensure our Wanstead client’s kitchen is as practical as it is stylish, we’ve integrated plenty of bespoke features and appliances. Our wonderfully versatile Mereway cabinetry allowed us to design a custom fridge surround and utility cupboard as well as enabling us to accommodate the support columns and specially designed mantle. We even created small alcoves within the mantle for our client to store spices and oils. The Fischer & Paykel range cooker makes a sublime centrepiece to this family kitchen and is matched by the brilliant Fischer & Paykel refrigerator.

Combining a sophisticated yet relaxed aesthetic with outstanding practical features, this exceptional kitchen answers our client’s brief in every bespoke detail.