8 Beautiful Fitted Bedroom Ideas To Maximise Your Space

A tidy and calming bedroom is the key to a good night’s sleep. However, keeping your room clutter-free and organised can become a bit of a battle if you don’t have enough storage. If the thought of putting away that pile of clean laundry fills you with dread, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Fitted bedrooms offer an excellent way to maximise space. And with so many different styles available, there’s something to suit every taste. We’ve put together some of our favourite fitted bedroom designs and ideas to help you find inspiration for your home.


Elegant Shaker Style Furniture

If you’re looking for something timeless and elegant, a shaker-style fitted bedroom makes a wonderful choice. The beautiful grey furniture in the bedroom below goes right up to the ceiling, providing plenty of storage while looking sleek and sophisticated. A bespoke dressing area also makes a lovely, practical use of space.




Chic Loft Bedroom

Sloping ceilings can prove tricky when working with standard freestanding furniture. A bespoke fitted wardrobe offers an excellent solution, both in terms of style and functionality. The gorgeous wood veneer, matching headboard and stylish storage niches in the bedroom below bring an undeniably sophisticated quality to the space. Displaying some of your favourite ornaments, candles, or photos will make your bedroom feel much more cosy and relaxing.



Minimal Handleless Furniture

This stunning handleless fitted bedroom furniture feels elegant yet contemporary. While the streamlined design works beautifully with a graceful pastel scheme, it would look just as gorgeous paired with a dramatic colour or monochrome hue. This minimal style is sure to bring a lovely restful atmosphere to any space.



Go Corner To Corner

Corners pose a real design challenge and can often lead to wasted or underutilised space. Depending on your layout, opting for a clever bespoke U or L-shaped wardrobe could transform your room. These elegant, fitted wardrobes make a fabulous dressing area. The matching duck egg blue dresser and bedside table establish an effortless sense of cohesion between the two spaces.




Space-Saving Sliding Doors

Whether you’re tight on space or simply looking for a sleek contemporary solution, mirrored, sliding door wardrobes make a fantastic choice. Since the doors open horizontally rather than coming out into the room, sliding door wardrobes work well in more compact spaces. In addition, a mirror finish will create a clever optical illusion while bringing plenty of extra light into the room. Slick, stylish and unobtrusive, you can’t go wrong with a mirrored sliding door design.



Stunning Glass Display Cabinet

This stunning bespoke glass unit is one of our favourite fitted bedroom design features. Allowing you to showcase your collection of luxury handbags, shoes or other accessories, this magnificent display case will bring a beautiful focal point to your room. Flanked by two elegant shaker wardrobes, a glamorous glass cabinet is the ideal feature for those who love to stay organised.



Home Working In Style

Recent events have led to an increase in home working, which has left many of us needing a more permanent solution. Why not ditch the makeshift desk and invest in a stylish and practical built-in design? This bespoke work area ties in beautifully with the surrounding fitted bedroom furniture. The wood alcoves overhead make a lovely finishing touch. Whether you need a study space or a home office, bespoke fitted furniture offers great flexibility.


Fitted Modern Bedroom


Keep Storage Open For A Cool Metropolitan Vibe

Bring an effortlessly sophisticated laid-back edge to your space with an open, fitted bedroom design. Combining exceptional organisation with a stylish casual aesthetic, this look is perfect for a modern bachelor pad or urban apartment dwelling. At Anderson Sinclair, all our fitted bedrooms are available with a choice of custom internal storage solutions, so you can enjoy the same perfectly ordered system behind closed doors, should you prefer.


Fitted Wardrobe


From gorgeous dressing areas to bespoke display cases, there are hundreds of ways to tailor your fitted bedroom to maximise your space. If you’ve been inspired by any of the designs featured in this article, our talented designers will be happy to provide more information and share their expert advice. To speak with our team, please email us at info@anderson-sinclair.co.uk or call us on 0208 088 4058.